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Creative Group Therapy

I work with diverse community groups in different areas of the West Midlands and Oxfordshire. I have combined Compassion Focused therapy techniques with visual and expressive art methods to support positve change for each individual.

each group is between 6 - 8 clients in size.



I am a trained teacher and have provided accedited and well being based learning for over 10 years. I have devised specific courses for children, young people and adults.

I also provide continual professional development training for third sector and corporate organisations.

If you are interested in learning more about Compassion Focused Therapy or would like your team of professionals to have skills in Compassion Focused therapy, I have recently written an online continual professional development course. This course is an introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy theory and application. This course has been quality checked and standadised by the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society.



I provide organisations with consult services such as managing staff welfare, how to plan effective group work and more.

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