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Creative Compassion Focused Psychotherapist
Therapy Sessions

Pamela Ginn

Therapy  structure:



Phone consultation, introduction to therapy, information gathering on client concerns and goals for therapy 


First therapy appointment and Contract

(starting with 6 sessions)



Review of therapy after 6 sessions, continuing with therapy depending on the needs of the client, decided mutually between the client and therapist.


My Approach

Training people in compassion can have a wide range of physiological, psychological and therapeutic benefits.


Compassion has been widely accepted to be one of the most crucial abilities of the human mind for more than 3000 years.

Most religions appreciate the power of compassion. 

In the last 30 years, Psychology has focused on the positive impact compassion has on the human brain.

One of the most important processes in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), is to stimulate a desire to cultivate a compassionate self and use a compassionate perspective  (Gilbert, 2009)


Clients are invited to imagine the potential benefits of having certain qualities, in particular wisdom, strength and a commitment to be compassionate (Gilbert and Choden, 2013)


CFT uses a range of breathing, postural, imaginal, recall and method acting techniques to help people have an experience of what it is, or could be like, to be a compassionate self (Cannon, 2012)

For further information, see the Compassionate Mind Foundation website:




Face to face sessions:

- Free phone consultation.

- Session at a time £50.


Telephone and video sessions:

- Free phone consultation.

- Session at a time £40.

Cancellation rules:


- Client must give 24 hours notice when cancelling an appointment.

- If this does not happen the client will be charged for the appointment due to room booking constants.

About me

I am trained in Integrative Psychotherapy,  Person Centred Creative Arts and have completed a level 7 Graduate Diploma in Compassion Focused Therapy. I am also a qualified teacher. I provide 1:2:1 and group Compassion Focused Therapy techniques. 


My practice is holistic, drawing on my experience as a creative therapeutic facilitator.


I have worked as a therapist for over 5 years.

I endeavour to be inclusive in my delivery of both group and 1:2:1 therapeutic and educational work. I take into consideration different needs, understandings and backgrounds so all can engage in a safe and beneficial way. I am fortunate that I work in a team that is multi-racial, different ages, wide range of cultures, religions, orientations and physical abilities and interests. We celebrate each individual’s unique qualities and I learn new things about the diversity of human life everyday.

I am an accredited member of the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society (NCPS) and follow the NCPS Ethical Framework guidelines in my work.

I maintain clinical work standards by taking part in private supervision sessions each month.

All my client assessments and evaluation feedback are kept confidential. The only exception to this is if  consent is given by the client.

Alternatively if there is an immediate safe guarding concern involving the client or a third party who is at risk, I will break confidentiality following the rules of GDPR.


Getting Help

I provide a safe none critical space for you to communicate your thoughts and feelings.

I offer guidance and strategies to help you through your concerns.


I appreciate that seeking help can be a challenge and want to make this step in your life as clear, simple and easy as possible.

Just as you would go to the doctor for a physical problem for specialist support, counselling and psychotherapy can help you for emotion and mental struggles.

You can contact me via email on, to arrange an over the phone consultation. Check available time slots at the bottom of this page.


Anxiety or



Building confidence


 Motivation issue or Depression







Pam is very perceptive and patient, warm and approachable and easy to open up to... I never feel judged.



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